Trans-ID, The Graphic Design Studio of Annelies Vaneycken

Annelies Vaneycken leads her own graphic design studio Trans-ID since 2001 in Brussels, Belgium. Besides client-related work, she is interested in the ‘authorship’ of her profession, where graphic design meets other disciplines. She self-initiates her own projects, exploring conflicts and social issues arising from cultural identity, like: Expedition Francka (2008), Beautiful Dirt (2009), Erasing Intimacy (2010), Réporter sem beiras (2011), The Regenerators (2012) and The Return of O. (2013). As Pigeon Paper, she publishes the photozine Météorite Douce. Being ‘a little refugee’, she regularly escapes to new destinations. Her recent travels include Albania, Brazil, Georgia, India, Armenia, Lebanon and Ukraine.